Creations Workshop


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Honour your innate abilities and join me in a comfortable, informative, relaxed and fun setting.

Get to the core of what it is you truly want and learn how to achieve it.

Classes are offered by Linda Lou McQuinn, EFT (Pract.), NLP (Pract.).

Are you struggling with an issue that is related to your job, relationships, dwelling, money, a healthier body, travel or peace of mind?  The Creations Workshop hastens the journey to getting to and understanding what you really want. Once you know what you truly want, you can achieve it.The workshop uses a number of exciting techniques to guide you in achieving them. These techniques are then available to you forever for future challenges.Here are what some participants are saying about the workshop:

 “Anyone could benefit from the Creations Workshop. It is a great reminder that we can get to the core of our being and that we have the ability to make positive choices and make our lives better.” E. K.

“…I honed my ability to focus on what I truly wanted and big changes started to happen. I find my whole world is more positive…this workshop exceeded my expectations.” J. K.

Sign up now for a four-part workshop which includes a set-up session for only $. Supplies are provided.

For more information or to register call 613-742-6066 or e-mail me at

Classes are held at 624 Clancy St., Ottawa.