What is EFT?

Posted By Linda Lou

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) was developed by Gary Craig as a combination of contemporary “talk” therapies and the principle of balancing the body’s energy flows and channels (found in Chinese medicine). Gary Craig describes it as “an emotional version of acupuncture.”

Instead of using needles, the meridian points mapped out over thousands of years by Asian healers are stimulated through a gentle tapping with the fingertips. During this process, verbal and mental processing of physical and emotional distress allows the body to rebalance energy levels to combat disease, acute and chronic pain, and emotional issues that can, at their worst, result in such conditions as addiction, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive behaviour, etc.

EFT is a gentle, natural healing process that works with the understanding that the body, mind, and emotions are interconnected and that an imbalance in one area will also affect other areas of health. This is why a patient who is using EFT to treat painful childhood memories, for example, will often be surprised to notice that a constant shoulder/neck pain has disappeared and that they no longer catch every cold that comes along.


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