What Clients Say


Thank you Linda Lou for your tapping skills and tremendous abilities to get to core issues and help solve and transform them in such a painless way (and in such an incredibly short time). The positive changes in my life—health, finance, relationships—feel great and I am looking forward to more.” Wilma S.

I have been using the EFT technique for many months now with amazing results. I have used it on major issues as well as day-to-day stresses. I highly recommend using EFT, especially with Linda Lou’s help. She is amazing!” Helena R

I highly recommend Linda Lou’s services. Having been introduced to EFT previously (and liking it but not doing it), with Linda Lou’s help I was able to go to a much deeper level and start to deal with long ‘buried’ childhood issues that were still affecting me.
The emotional healing and subsequent joy I experienced are wonderful.
” B. E. S. T.

I highly recommend Linda Lou’s classes and individual sessions. I find EFT very calming and confidence building. It’s fun to participate in a class and discover how this technique applies to and helps each person move past obstacles that may be holding them back. I also find Linda Lou’s ability to hone in on blocks that I may not see to also be very effective in one-on-one sessions.” Caroline