Linda Lou McQuinn, DHHP, EFT(Pract.), NLP(Pract.)

 Since 1992, Linda Lou McQuinn’s practice has focused on assisting people on their journey to health and wellness.  She is a graduate of the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst/ Homeopathy.  She is a practitioner of Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT (Pract.) and Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP (Pract.). This unique combination of skills together with her many years of experience enriches her approach on how best to treat clients. Using one or a combination of these techniques, she removes shocks, traumas and the diseases that free individuals from anxiety, stress, physical and emotional illnesses.  In a state of health and wellness, patients can truly enjoy their life. Treatments are effective, gentle and non-invasive. Linda Lou explains her system regarding health, “I know that every individual has a divine right to a natural state of excellent health—mentally, physically emotionally and spiritually.  My objective is to help people get healthy so they can go out into the world in a more joyful state, a wellness state, that truly allows them their personal freedom to choose their life’s path.” Previous to becoming an alternate health practitioner, Linda Lou had an accounting practice.  Her extensive experience in this occupation coupled with her health and wellness training has allowed her to obtain great insight and understanding into clients’ stresses associated with money matters.  As a result she is well positioned to assist them with these issues. Linda Lou offers private consultations as well as a number of workshops and classes in a group setting. Her Creation Workshop helps individuals who have a specific personal challenge or who are struggling with an issue that is related to their job, relationship, dwelling, money, a healthier body, travel or peace of mind. The objective of the workshop is to help participants create objectives that they truly want and to show them how to work towards attaining them.  Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) classes are comprised of two-hour sessions that teach individuals how to activate their energy points and how to rebalance their physical and emotional health.  Each class focuses on a different topic and includes such topics as how to relieve stress and anxiety, how to deal with anger and fear or how to attract abundance. Participants begin to learn how to use this unique EFT technique to gently and effectively remove the obstacles that hold them back from fully enjoying life.