About Ottawa EFT


Discover a system of therapies–Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP),  and Counselling–that use your own natural healing processes to gently bring health to all aspects of life; physical, emotional, and mental. Results are typically seen after a single session of treatment.

Linda Lou McQuinn,  DHHP, EFT( Pract.), NLP (Pract.) is an accredited Ottawa EFT practitioner who uses her training in EFT, NLP, –to help people free themselves from the anxiety, physical pain, and past traumas that interfere with health and the natural desire to enjoy life.

A consultation may result in the decision to use a single approach, or to combine two or more of these non-traumatic, non-invasive therapies to treat stress, ongoing fatigue, chronic pain, and the inter-related continuous negative emotional states that accompany and exacerbate these issues.

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